Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Walk In Bonaire - Part 2

I took this picture because it reminded me of the courtyard at the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome. It looks like a military garrison (complete with cannon in a corner), but is actually the entry to government buildings. There was a huge gate but nobody around, so I snuck around the corner and took a quick shot.

A small local craft market:

Lovely little house:

I could have spent hours here - cold drink in hand, maybe a book to read while lying in the hammock:

Heading back:

The big hole in this pier didn't seem to bother anyone.

Our ship in the background:

Home away from home:

We didn't have nearly enough time in Bonaire. I wouldn't mind taking a land-based vacation here. At any rate, land or sea next time, we'll definitely go snorkeling.


Kay Dennison said...

I think I found a paradise. Thank you!!! It's on my dream vacation list!!!!

Joy said...

My list, too. Beautiful and idyllic!