Sunday, January 25, 2009

My first award

Kay from Kay's Thinking Cap was kind enough to give me this Van Goh's Ear Award:

Van Gogh's Ear Award

I rather like the notion of Van Goh's Ear -- the whole slightly mad, creative artist thing. Although in my case, I think of the Madwoman of Chaillot.

According to the originator of the award at the Idaho Photo blog:

We are all artists in are own way be it art, photography, writing, philosophy, comedy, blogging and we all go a little crazy sometimes. But if you ever feel so crazy to cut off your ear and give it to a prostitute "Seek Help"!

So, many thanks to Kay, one of my two followers. :D

1 comment:

Kay Dennison said...

You're very welcome, Ell! I hoped you would enjoy it!!! I really love your blog!!! It's always interesting and you write so well!

I liked this award for the very reasons you did plus I love his art.

You are welcome to pass it on to other worthy bloggers!