Thursday, November 22, 2007

The real me

Today, I've done something I've been reluctant (scared) to do since I started blogging. It may not seem like much to most of you, but for me, it's a biggie. I've posted a photo of myself in my Blogger profile.

I've always had a certain paranoia and self-consciousness about revealing too much about myself online. Slowly, but surely, I've been getting over it by writing on this blog.

As I surfed around the blogosphere and got to read and know other bloggers through their writing - some of which was highly personal and intimate - I felt better about revealing more about my real life. I'll never be a tell-all type of blogger, but I'm not quite so paranoid anymore.

Another fear I've had is one of showing pictures of myself to others. As a child I always thought I was ugly and hated to see photos of myself. My cousins were always prettier and cuter. I was the ugly duckling. I've been stuck in that mindset ever since. I've decided it's time to get over it.

So, inspired by numerous bloggers who have their pictures front and centre on their blogs, I've taken the leap to put up my photo. And since November 19th was my two year anniversary on the Pomegranate Tiger - which I completely forgot - what better way to celebrate than to finally post a picture.

Now, just in case I later chicken out and remove the pic from my profile, I'll imbed it in this post so it won't just disappear. It's cropped from a group photo taken very recently in October 2007.



Martin said...

Nice to see you! I always hate putting out my photo too. I think it's a common phobia lol Well done conquering yours! :-)

Ah, and thanks for the visit to my blog :-)

Joy said...

Thanks for putting your photo on here. I've wondered how you looked and tried to visualize you. Now I know and can't understand why you ever thought you were the "ugly duckling" of your family. No way! Not only are you pretty but you excelled in boot camp! :-)

ell said...

Hey, Martin. Sorry it took me so long to get back to your blog. You have some stunning photos.

Joy - Thank you. When I was young, I didn't look like anyone else (friends or family), so always felt peculiar.