Sunday, October 07, 2012


So, younger son says, "Mom, you should check this out."

"This" happens to be Tumblr.  Being a dutiful mom, I check it out.  

At first, I thought Tumblr was just another blog site. I quickly found out otherwise. The easiest way to describe Tumblr is that it's a sharing site. It's not about words - at least, not so much - but rather about images and the sharing of images. Not that people don't post words, it's just that a large number of posters seem to be, shall we say, young(ish) and words are not their primary means of communication. And yes, there are some pretty juvenile and silly posts, but if you look a little deeper, there are beautiful and thought-provoking images being shared.

If by chance you haven't taken a look at the site yet, check it out. At the rate trendy becomes old-hat these days, it may be gone before you know it.

I signed up to give it a real test. Here's my brief foray into the world of Tumblr:

--> The Pomegranate Tiger on Tumblr