Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Would you stop the aging process?

Rhea at The Boomer Chronicles posted this question on her site the other day:

If you could pause the aging process, at what age would you choose to do it?

Rhea's response was:
I always liked 24, but now that I’m older, I would be happy to be around 34. I am blessed with good health and a sturdy body, so it’s not about that. I don’t really know WHAT it’s about. I just like the sound of 30s.

The comments that followed were interesting. I was surprised at how many people wanted to be twenty or thirty-something again. Only a few said they wouldn't want to be younger.

I'm pretty sure I don't want to go back to a younger age.

The only possible reason I might want to halt aging would be for the physical benefits -- because I sure wouldn't want to revisit my younger years mentally or psychologically.

It's tempting to dream of the physical benefits of a younger, fitter and, hopefully, healthier body and, at times, I think it would be nice to have young knees, a healthy back, and not have to worry about a family history of high blood pressure.

Yet, there's something to be said for gradually slowing down with your body; the opportunity to feel more relaxed and less compelled to do, do, do things unless you really want to do them.

I've never been one that needed to be the first down the ski hill or be competitive in team sports. As long as I gave it my all, it was enough. It's no different now. Slowing down, just seems like a natural thing to do.

For me, it's not so much about my age as it is about my health. If I can remain relatively healthy, I'm okay with the inevitable aging.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am quite a bit older than a lot of people who commented on this question....And I would say HEALTH Problems are the biggest drawback to getting "older"....or some would say "old"....I have a numbedr of Health Problems, which are NOT going to get better...It is the way of aging, I'm afraid...And there are some things we have little or no control over....So, I agree with you about the truly biggest concern IS lesat for me...!
Shocking as this may seem....I think I would like to have stayed 60 to 65, Healthwise, and know ALL that I know now, too....But, since one cannot go back, (damn I'm stuck with whatever is happening, here and now at 76 years old.

Kay Dennison said...

I don't want to be young again. As to health, my was gone so long ago I forget what it was like to feel 100%. I'm happier as an old gal than I ever have been which probably isn't saying much.

joared said...

I have to agree that health is the most important element for me. That said, if I could somehow have the body I had in my late twenties and early thirties, my forty year old health status, the knowledge I possessed by the time I was sixty, I could adjust.

However, I don't. So, I'm quite content, as I have been along this adult aging path, to be where I am and where I'm going.