Friday, February 22, 2008

Good news! The repair guy came around 2 p.m. yesterday and replaced the hot water heater. We now have a brand new Bradford White, 40 Gallon hot water heater that cost enough to pay for a vacation to Hawaii. It has a ten year parts and labour warranty, so I guess we won't be moving anytime soon.

That's my good news.

The bad news is that my son's goldfish, Hans, is not doing very well.

Apparently, he got something called Ich (or ick) which caused strange white bumps to appear around his eye and on his fins. He was treated with a salt water bath and medication and looked like he was better. Yesterday he started sitting on the bottom of the tank in the corner behind a rock castle. He just sits there, dorsal fin retracted, breathing in and out. He won't eat, swims a little when approached but otherwise, just sits on the bottom. Very sad.

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