Sunday, May 11, 2008

How "old" sneaks up on you

I was out walking with dh on one of our port stops last week. On vacation, we like to walk as much as possible and consider ourselves quite fit. We walk at a fairly good clip and tend to overtake and pass most saunterers.

This walk was along a popular scenic route in Victoria and several other couples were walking a few metres ahead of us. We were slowly gaining ground on them, when suddenly, one of the couples stopped abruptly in front of us, mid-intersection. We skittered quickly around them - a truck was coming - and we said "car coming" as we passed.

The stopped couple, meanwhile, was looking up at a tree; totally oblivious to the truck trying to turn the corner. Now, I must give credit to the truck driver who didn't honk or yell, but rolled forward slowly, waiting for them to get out of the way. They didn't.

Not until their companions yelled at them, did they look around and move out of the way.

My dh turned to me and said, "I hope we're not like that at their age" ("their age" meaning old I'm quite sure). To which I replied, "We ARE their age. Take another look." My guess is they were sixty-ish.

Funny how those years sneak by when you're not paying attention.


Jay said...

Seems to me that you might be their age chronologically, but you haven't got there mentally yet. For which I'm sure you're profoundly thankful!

Joy said...

Good grief, isn't that the truth! Before we know it all this time has passed.

I agree with Jay that only chonologically are you their age.

New DWTS recap on my blog!

kenju said...

Ha! I understand that. Mr. kenju is always sure that most people we see at the health club are much older than we are, but I doubt it. When he looks in the mirror, he sees youth (in spite of the truth)!! LOL