Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful . . .

This just isn't right:

The snow accumulation where I live is already around 10cm and the wind chill last night was around -20C.

Winters in Vancouver are supposed to be mild, a balmy 6 to 10 Celsius (40s to 50s for those using Fahrenheit), occasionally dropping to zero. Instead, we've had a week of sub-zero temperatures and snow (which is still falling, by the way).

This has coincided with my return from sunnier climes and this ol' body is having trouble acclimating!

I know many of you on the east coast and in snow belts around the globe are wondering what I'm going on about, but you've got to take into account that the majority of drivers here don't bother to put on their snow tires until the first snow flies or slip-slide around with all-season radials until they figure the snow is going to stick around longer than a day. The reason being that many Vancouver winters consist of one 5cm snowfall followed by rain which effectively clears the roads within 24 to 48 hours.

Meanwhile, as the snow continues, I'm hunkering down in my woolies and leave you with this picture from my trip:

More pictures to come.


Kay Dennison said...

Argh! I feel for those not used to such weather! It's 7 degrees Fahrenheit and I nearly got frostbite when I went out to fire up Miss Ruby. Her doors were frozen shut and fortunately I was prepared and got them unstuck reasonably quickly. The good news is she started immediately and I let her warm up while I got the snow brushed off her. Even worse, sub-zero is in the forecast for tonight. I do feel your pain but it could be worse. I'm longing for temps like you have.

Berry Blog said...

so glad to see that you are back, not that I'm wishing you the winter weather. It's just nice having you around and blogging with the gang again.
xoxo charlie

Joy said...

I agree with Charlie and am glad to see you again. Wish you were back in the tropical zone!

LOL My word verification is "warmer" ... I almost never get a real word, much less one that is so appropriate!

Joy said...

Oh and thanks for converting it from metric.

I meant to say that I wish you were in the warmer climate but still blogging! :-)