Sunday, February 12, 2006

Other musings

I've been away a couple of days, but wanted to carry on with my musings of the other day:

One of the reasons I said I don’t believe in absolutes is that we human beings seem to get into trouble when we do.

When I look at pretty much any belief system - when it’s followed dogmatically - it tends to breed contempt, sometimes hatred for others, or at least, a certain holier-than-thou attitude – the patronizing, “oh, poor thing, you just haven’t seen the light” attitude.

Besides which, it seems strange to think one person, no matter how wise, kind or beneficent a teacher is beyond flaw and has figured life out for everyone else. Because I nod my head in agreement with some of Buddha’s or Mohammed’s or Christ’s or Janie-next-door’s words, doesn’t mean I must be wedded to their entire belief system. It comes down to the fact I don’t believe in a ‘one shoe fits all’ school of thought. If it works for others, so be it. It’s just not for me.

Something my grandfather told me: “Beware the man (or woman) who claims to know it all and have the answers to everything.”

I think we’re all on a journey through life, taking different paths. We all may end up in the same place or maybe a different place. What human being knows absolutely and categorically what all this is about? I sure don’t. And sure, I’m content at the moment, but at the same time, I’m aware that I will continue to change depending on life experiences. I will take what comes and do the best I can at the time.

A side note: It’s not contradictory to plan, make choices and still live in the moment. An example: we must eat to survive. Therefore, we can plan, choose to go grocery shopping, choose which store to shop, choose what to buy, choose when to eat AND still be fully present and in the moment at each step. ('Cause I sure as heck hope a surgeon operating on me did some planning, made good choices and is totally present when he cuts me open!)


Simply Coll said...

Over the years I have taken various beliefs from various belief systems and have compiled them into a personal spirituality that works for me. It is never stagnant.. but always changing .. as is everything.

Joy said...

I totally agree and feel exactly the same way.

Wenda said...

Ell, I'm just catching up on your blog tonight after a long spell of missing out on my blog reading. I share the thoughts you expressed here and liked your grandfather's words, too. I have often felt this same wariness of anyone who claims to have the whole truth to tell.