Saturday, March 18, 2006

Brain rattles

Sometimes I feel I have so many things rattling around in my head that everyone around me can hear it. Stuff just clunking and thunking around like bumper cars, one thought setting off a chain reaction of others, back and forth till they hit some invisible barrier and then come bouncing back again. Occasionally a thought will jump the barrier and demand recognition. I'm always a little amazed at this.

When I was young I'd play a little game of trying to track back my thought processes. Like - how did I end up thinking about bumper cars when on my way to the library? Let's see . . . I was thinking about whether or not to renew the latest Sue Barton Nurse book; then I thought about being a nurse; then I thought about sick people; then I thought about puking - makes me gag thinking about it; then I thought about the last time I was at the PNE and rode the Tilt-A-Whirl; then I thought about the Roller Coaster; scary, but not that bad; Bob didn't think I'd do it; then I thought about how I'm always too chicken to ride the bumper cars!!

Okay, so this brain rattling idea came to me when I was brushing my teeth: I'm looking at myself in the mirror brushing my teeth, rather boring; been there, done that; ho-hum; let's just get it over with; how many minutes optimum?; who the hell remembers?; Dr Roberts would; what's up for tomorrow?; don't think about it; what will be will be, Que sera sera, what will be will be, the futures not ours to see . . . hum, hum; Doris Day; Rock Hudson; too bad he couldn't come out; sad really; everyone already knew, so what was the point; so glad Matt came out; he's always been into music; maybe he'll get a contract with a major label; should ask Linda for his latest CD; so hard to get discovered; funny how all D's friends are into music; their jamming sounds pretty good, need someone for vocals; I know it's not what he wants to do; well he would, but if he got famous, he'd hate it; what IS he going to do; he's been with M. for five years; she's so nice, I think I'd be more upset than him if they broke up, can't see them getting married, though . . . Now, how the heck did I start thinking about marriage? Geez! . . . .

Then, I thought, I really have too much stuff rattling around my head; and maybe I should blog about it.

I'm not sure if others think like this – I've never been brave enough to ask. Maybe I'm just weird.

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Wenda said...

I, too, love this game and loved watching how your thoughts take you distant places. I think I once wrote a blog about my own mind travels, but don't remember when. I'd search my site to find out, but I'm afraid that if I leave the trail I'm on, I might not get back to catching up on the rest of your blog - given how my mind wanders.