Wednesday, March 15, 2006

brain bubbles

I'm using this entry as a little rant to do my part in getting brain bubbles to resurrect her x365 blog.

If you go to the link above, you'll see that she deleted her blog. I was incensed to find out why. She's done so, in response to some very small-minded people who can't handle a bit of truth.

She's had ugliness in her life and, in doing the x365 project, ended up blogging about some not very nice people in it. It wasn't always pretty, but it's her story. She received emails telling her it wasn't appropriate for the x365 challenge.

To me, it's exactly what's so great about the x365 and what it can and should be - a way to remember our connections with the different people in our lives, past and present. In recalling the people in our lives that impacted us, influenced us, and continue to influence us, it helps us understand who we are and how we got to where we are today Sometimes the recollections are warm and funny, sometimes sad and ugly. Ignoring the bad experiences of our past don't make them go away.

I applaud brain bubbles for the guts it takes to write from the heart about the truth, no matter how dark or ugly.

If you feel the same, perhaps you'd like to drop by brain bubbles' site and leave a message of encouragement. (p.s. Read her comments section.)

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Anonymous said...

I love the support that you are showing someone who is honest in her writing. I've read that the most effective, important writing comes from truth. It is difficult to be courageous without support--good for you, Ell, to encourage both honesty and bravery!