Monday, August 06, 2007

It's Monday and B.C. Day

Today is B.C. Day, a statutory holiday in British Columbia, so it feels like a Sunday to me; the only difference being that I started the day with Boot Camp. Once I got that out of the way, I fell into my usual Sunday morning routine of surfing through old and new blogs.

I found a goldmine of new and interesting blogs through Imagine What I'm Leaving Out and kenju's post about her Creative Bloggers Award.

From that one post, I found:

Kay's Thinking Cap

which led me to:

Joy of Six

The View From Where I Sit

and Along the Way

which led me to

Golden Lucy's Spiral Journal

I've bookmarked them all and will be returning for more.

Then it was back to my own blog to read a comment left by Junebugg of Wasted Days Wasted Nights whom I added to my blogroll a couple of weeks ago.

And now, here I am to pass along my finds - though I suspect many of you have already discovered the above blogs because I see lots of familiar names amongst the various blogrolls. It reinforces my view that blogs really do encourage a sense of community.

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Joared said...

Thanks for visiting "Along The Way" and for your kind comments here. I find your blogs' content unique including the writing focus, the characterizations.