Sunday, February 24, 2008

I is for

I couldn’t think of one particular "I" to write about.

Instead, I've listed a quick two minute list of “I” words, then tried to see what they mean to me. The blank ones are the ones that stumped me, so I've left them blank. Feel free to fill in or comment. (An Encyclopedia of Me blog)

Incredibly - curious
Innocent – what I’m not, despite accusations of naiveté by those who don't know me very well.
Incognito – what I’d like to be at times
Insecure – most of my youth
Interesting – only in my mind
Italy – favourite foreign country
Ireland – somewhere I'd like to go
Immune – to nothing
Involved – not enough
Isolated – for my sanity
Irreverent – only in my head
Indecisive – about the little things
Ignominy – not likely
Incomprehensible – to some
Ivy league – I’m not
Injured – in my youth, but healed and stronger now
Illiterate – what no one should be
Immobile – my fear in old age
Immutable – not me – I’m constantly changing
Insincere – hopefully not
Illogical – at times
Ipod – what everyone seems to have except me
Imbalanced – but striving for equilibrium
Icarus – I’d never fly too close to the sun, but wouldn’t mind a flight to Mars
Identity – finally found
Ignoble –
Ignorance – what I try to avoid
Inherent(ly) – emotional
Improbable --
Issue – with willful ignorance
Inconsequential – I hope not


Joy said...

Love your blog! This post is inspired (sorry, couldn't resist). I still plan to do these. Keep writing! I look forward to reading your blog.

ell said...

Thanks, Joy.

I've been busy with work lately, so will be posting more sporadically. Please keep checking though. :)