Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just one more thing . . . K. D. Lang

I had to add this video of K. D. Lang from her performance on the 2005 Juno Awards.

It's my favourite version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and makes me cry every time I see it.


Joy said...

Me, too! Love her singing!

Berry Blog said...

You wonder half way through how she could take it any farther, but she does! I really got to thinking and feeling on this.Isn't it strange how an artist has to master such discipline to express well a powerful emotion? It really isn't metalmania and letting it all hang out that does it.
I also got thinking about how contratenors are trying to reach the power and heights that the castratis supposedly reached in music. They say that now that we know so much more about the body, some are approaching those standards today.
KD seems to have reached a very fine balance between her masculine and feminine sides to produce an incredible level of performance.
Thanks for this, El. And hope you understand what i am trying to say.

joared said...

I've never heard K. D. Lang sing this particular song before, but then I haven't kept up with all the latest music and artists as I once did. Her delivery of this song is quite emotionally moving. I also like the music instrumentation she has backing her. Thanks for sharing this.

I've also enjoyed her jazz interpretations and performances when I've seen them in videos and on TV.

Joy said...

When are you coming home? I miss you but know you are enjoying being in Paradise!

Virginia said...

Ummm, that made my day. Thank you for posting something wonderful and touching.

naomi dagen bloom said...

wonderful to watch, to listen. many thanks for a respite from these difficult days. -naomi

Berry Blog said...

I keep coming back to this, again and again. So powerful.