Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I would do it . . .

This is inspired by Cate's post at The Bean Counter and the Dr. Seuss-like comment by Andrea.

So you say you like to write
Or maybe paint or knit a kite.

If no one watched or even cared
Would you, could you even dare?

What if no one saw the kite?
What if all was done at night?

What if all was said and done
And no one knew?
Not even one.

Would you still have what it takes
To do that thing
That makes you wake?

I don't know
What you would say,
But I would do it anyway.

I would do it late at night,
Far from friends and out of sight.

I would do it in a car
Looking up at the night stars.

I would do it in a tree.
I would do it
Just for free.

Not only that,
'Cause that's too pat,

But I would do it just to see
If I could find
What makes me, me.

Sorry, Andrea, I just couldn't resist the "park, lark comment". :-D

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