Saturday, August 26, 2006

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go

I sometimes stress over the fact I'm not disciplined enough to post a daily blog, but I've come to terms with it -- sort of – by putting it in the, 'Oh well, there are more important things to worry about' category. So, here's my official statement that I’m not going to feel guilty about it anymore.

Summer's almost over. Maybe not officially by the calendar, but it always seems like the end of summer when the school year looms just the other side of Labour Day. School supplies have taken over the front half of my local Shoppers Drug Mart and sales flyers about 'back to school' clothes arrive in my mailbox daily. There's a damp nip to the early morning and the sun has taken on that oblique-not-quite-hot-enough angle.

I'm a summer person and usually sorry to see the end of summer. But this year, I'm extending it by going off for a few weeks to warmer climes. I'm going to read, write, snorkel, eat properly, get enough exercise, and watch the evening sunset.

I'll think about the war in Iraq and the situation in Lebanon; ponder the AIDS crisis and the debate here in Vancouver about continued funding for the Downtown Safe Injection Site. Maybe I'll get a better perspective on things. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll come back rejuvenated and energized. Perhaps that's all I can really hope for.

I have my see-through Ziploc (so the security people don't have to touch things) bags with non-liquid, non-gel, non-aerosol toiletry items in my carry-on; along with my unlocked (so the same security won't have to cut the locks in case of suspicious items) suitcases. I've remembered to take the electric fob for my car locks off my keychain, removed all sharp, over-2.5cm objects from my purse, and reminded myself not to utter the word bomb (Tom or other approximation) within a thousand metres of security guards, policemen or other uniformed individuals. I have prescription medication in their original containers with full name that matches the one on my passport. I have my son's digital camera because my old film one won't make it through the half dozen x-ray screenings. I have my brand new MP3 player loaded with music, two novels from my TBR pile, and a crossword puzzle book.

As I said, I'm ready to go.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing all the things you have to do now to travel. It's crazy!
I am glad that you are all ready and can now look forward to just leaving and having a wonderful time!

It's funny how differently things operate on the other side of the world. For us, when we go back to school, it is often heading into the hottest month of summer, with no glimpse of autumn at all. Hot classes in not always air-conditioned rooms!

And here in Aussieland, we are just starting to get the glorious signs of summer!

Anonymous said...

Hi JTL. It IS amazing what we have to go through now. I remember when you could take just about anything onboard and travel 'experts' recommended that you carry on all valuables and extra toiletries!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful time and get through the airport quickly and with out too much hassle, does that happen anymore? My husband says he's just traveling in and with a towel from now on, since he has to strip down anyways.

Anonymous said...

i have to ask - where are you going to? when are you coming back?

i'm really jealous... hey you know, this gets me thinking about how easy it is for you guys living over there in the west to go for a travel, while it cost us so much to travel overseas. :(

Just rambling. :)


Anonymous said...

It's such a hassle to pack now much less to get through the airport security. I hope you have a wonderful trip. It sounds great!

I agree about the end of summer since I spent all my life in school in one capacity or the other. We teachers speak in terms of "the year" and "summer."

Anonymous said...

Be careful. They might break open your brand new mp3 player!

HEY, ELL! I've missed you! I'm trying to get online more often now, and I tried to send you an e-mail through hotmail. Do you ever check that account?

Anyway, I'm also trying to blawg some too, so I thought I'd swing by the familiar places. I'm glad to see you're still writing.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever come back?