Saturday, March 21, 2009

Taking my own advice

While on my tedious (self-imposed) job of re-publishing and re-reading my old posts, I came across this one (Don't Go Away) I wrote just over two years ago. It's too bad I didn't read it before my little hissy-fit of deleting.

It actually contains some decent advice and also my friend, Joy, in the comments.

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Joy said...

Yes, it would have been useful indeed if you'd read that before deleting your blog. Next time you get that urge, please let us know, so we can remind you of that post and have you read it again!

I'd really miss you if you faded away from Blogland. I'm glad you decided to stay. I do consider you a friend and look forward to what you write. Stay! If you do leave again, please keep the same email address. Don't delete yourself from my life.