Thursday, June 10, 2010

Progressive/metal/rock band

Sometimes, when I want to access my blog and I'm on a computer that doesn't have it bookmarked, I'll just do a Google search.

The other day, I Googled pomegranate tiger and found another Pomegranate Tiger:

Pomegranate Tiger, a progressive/metal/rock band

It made me laugh because I wondered how many of their fans go Googling for them and end up at my blog?

I'm also wondering how they came up with the name. They look like a fairly new band and I've had this blog for quite a few years, so did one of the members stumble upon my blog and think, "Hmm. Cool. Hey, guys. Whaddya think? I found this site by an elderblogger with this really cool name."



Kay Dennison said...

I love it!!!!!! And yes, it is a coooooool name.

Kay Dennison said...

I was wondering where you have been!! For a long time, I couldn't access here!!! I hope that you and yours are well and happy!!!!!

Louis said...

hello, I googled pomegrenate tiger blogspot, cus adding blogspot is the quickest way to illegally download an album. and here I am. you will probably find this amusing :P

el said...

@ Louis I just happened to see your comment. And yes, I do find it amusing. Hope you found the download you were looking for (not that I'm condoning illegal downloads, of course :P)