Sunday, July 22, 2007

What was I thinking?

I didn't think I'd be posting such an early follow-up blog about fitness boot camp. But here I am.

It's Sunday afternoon. I'm getting pretty excited about my new fitness commitment. I've got my workout gear ready to go: weights, mat, shorts, running shoes, hat and jacket because it's supposed to rain. Then the phone rings.

It's Tammy from Survivor Boot Camp. Unfortunately, there aren't enough participants for a separate 50+ class, she says. The four of us signed up for the 50+ will have to join the regular group.

Ummm, okay, I say. What are the ages of the others? Well, there's a woman who just turned fifty, a man who is sixty, and someone else probably also in her fifties, a twenty year-old, and the rest in their thirties. Tammy hastily adds that she's quite sure I'll fit right in and won't feel out of place. It'll be fun. < deep breath > Okay . . .

It's been a long time since my twenties or thirties. Heck it's been awhile since my forties! With my luck, the sixty year-old is an ex-jock who does triathlons and the just-turned fifty year-old is a former fitness instructor, just retired.

I'm telling myself to calm down. It won't be so bad. My family is saying all the right things and saying I'll be fine. But they can't resist adding, "Just be careful. Don't hurt yourself." Thanks, guys.

My alarm is set for 5:15 a.m. Wish me luck. I'll see you on the other side.


naomi dagen bloom said...

very impressive intention! looking forward to your first day at camp. good luck--whatever turns out, i.e., deciding it's way too intense way to start the day (as would be my own excuse).

Joy said...

Good luck! Don't try to keep up with the 20-somethings if parts of it are too demanding. Go at your own pace and have fun. I'm looking forward to reading your posts about this and am already inspired.

ell said...

I definitely won't be keeping up with the twenty or thirty-somethings. Just completed day 2 (I'll blog about it later) and I can sure FEEL it!