Thursday, October 26, 2006

Well, the roof looks like it might get finished by this weekend. It's taken them over two weeks, but hey, I'm going to have a new roof. Right?

As for the windows, they tell me the "expected date for completion of manufacturing" is November 20th. In other words,they're not made yet and we'll be lucky to get them installed by Christmas.

You know the picture of the empty dumpster in my last post? It's now full and they're not even finished. It's so full, I have no idea how they think they're going to move it without half of it falling out. I have visions of tiling, woodchips and debris trailing from our driveway all the way to the city dump.

Take a look . . .

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Oh well, I'm not going to let any of it bother me because we'll be leaving on our European adventure in less than two weeks.

Despite the on and off hammering, thudding and cursing (by the roofers, not me), I've been happily busy finalizing our travel plans and scrambling to get my work done (the work that pays for all this stuff). It's always a mad rush just before going away. It seems like a million things need doing and there's not enough time to finish it all. Yet I know we'll be ready when the time comes.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is progress. I was afraid they wouldn't have gotten started by now. I'm glad you have such a great attitude about getting ready for your trip and the roof and windows. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and let us know how they get rid of all that stuff. Wow!