Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just a quick hello and update.

This post is in response to Donny, who emailed me about not updating my blog lately.

Things have been hectic here. I'm leaving for the airport in a couple of hours and won't be back for a bit, but decided I could make a quick post. So this one's for you, ds.

The roof is done! Things got cleaned up nicely and the windows . . . well, who knows?

I had planned and started a whole blog about a quote I saw on one of the message forums I go to. It was a signature for one of the members and it read:

"A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age."

It's part of the lyrics for a Meat Loaf song. Within the context of the song it makes sense in the rock 'n roll, don't give a dam, live life to the max kind of way.

But the quote bothers me in the context in which I found it. Notably, it's being used as a signature by an older person and someone whose screen name is "Grandma". That really bugged me.

At any rate, I got busy and never finished the post. I'm putting this up here to remind myself to get back to it and to let you all ponder my reasoning.

Talk to y'all when I'm back.



Anonymous said...

Hey hey, a blog post about me *that's not in my own blog*! :D

When you get back, do tell all, and most importantly, whether you enjoyed Gaiman. Haha!

I've been doing a lot of work myself... check it out. Although recently there may not be content you'd enjoy reading. :)


Anonymous said...

Whoops. Typo. :)

Not *about* me, but mentions me. Just wanted to clear that up. Not an ego maniac, me.

Not all the time, anyway.