Sunday, February 08, 2009

Don't Divorce Me

I saw the following video at The Boomer Chronicle's blog today, Same Sex Couples in California Say, "Don't Divorce Me" about Prop 8 amd Ken Starr's attempt to nullify the 18,000 same-sex marriages in California.

In response, the Courage Campaign has prepared a video and letter-writing campaign to the Supreme Court asking Americans to support the fight against what amounts to forcibly divorcing 18,000 couples.

Please watch this video. It is wonderful, heart-warming and touching. It puts real faces of real people to that 18,000 number.

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

As a Canadian, my signature doesn't count, but if this means something to you, please go to the Courage Campaign site and sign their letter to the Supreme Court. Time is of the essence as the opening oral arguments will be heard by the Supreme Court on March 5, 2009.

You may ask why this Canadian should care about what happens in California. It's simple. We're all human beings and as fellow-human beings we should all care.


Anonymous said...

Done. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Done. Combination of things hit me all at once, and your post just set me off. for so many years I stayed semi closeted as a teacher and this weekend, I took Joy's advice and signed up for Facebook. I have spent hours answering messages from former students,parents, friends I had almost forgotten. It has been an epiphany. many students now know about me and have told me they always knew but never cared. It was me and what I taught that they loved.
On a whim, as background, I was watching some of the Planet of the Apes series and connected with the message. As of this moment they are running the original movie, and I am sobbing over all this stuff, and laughing that Charlston Heston is the lead in this movie. Such irony. Though the whole series is about closed minds and role reversals of species, we know he of all people probably didn't get it.What he got, was the lead and the presidency of the NRA
Anway, thanks for the ignition, it sparked me to respond. with this huge response from so many former students, they are going to know...and many have learned from checking my blog attached. Y'know, it doesn't seem to make any difference to them. It was mostly me I guess.

xoxo charlie

Anonymous said...

Ah, Charlie, you made me cry. I am so glad all those students and parents are contacting you and letting you know that they knew and didn't care. For all the hate-filled people out there, I want to believe there are just as many with an open heart who see the person before any label.

Anonymous said...

I did it earlier when David had it on his blog. I care what happens in Canada. :-) (and the rest of the world, too, but especially Canada in case I have to move there - fortunately Obama won, so I can stay here a while longer) LOL

Seriously, I think many of us have a world view and do care.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joy, I know you and many others have a world view. That's what I love about the internet. :-)