Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've spent the last few days trying to re-populate my blog archives.

I could have just hit the 'Publish All' button, but decided that this was a good opportunity to do some organizing and tagging of over three years worth of posts.

I began by grouping all the posts that were already tagged as responses to writing prompts. Thus, the "My Scribblings" on the left-hand sidebar. The next step was to quickly review each post and attach appropriate tags before re-publishing.

Seems like a plan, but not so easy. I've had a few hiccups along the way. At first, I started with the really old stuff in 2005, then somehow lost track of 2006 and a good chunk of 2007. They were still there. I just kept missing the page they were on. Then, I'd forgotten what some of the posts were about, so had to re-read them in order to properly tag them. (I'm resisting the urge to edit the individual posts, though some of them are in dire need of a thick red pen!).

With close to three hundred posts, this is taking longer than I thought it would. However, I will persevere and, hopefully, everything will be back online by the weekend.

The moral of my little story is that one shouldn't be too hasty when in a snarky mood.

Next time, I'll just unplug the computer.


daringtowrite said...

I'm doing a bit of reorganzing myself. Had been using blogrolling to link blogs on my sidebar, but blogrolling made some recent changes that I don't like at all, so I'm setting up all my own links. It was time for clean up anyway. Now, I'm off to add you to the list.

daringtowrite said...

Oh oh, I hope this doesn't mean you have become completely discouraged with blogging!

ell said...

No, I've just been very busy with work (including weekends) and feeling lazy when I have time off.

I know what you mean about Blogrolling. I took their list off my sidebar too.

Just like Arnie, I'll be baack!

Joy said...

Wow! That sounds involved! I'm still planning to attempt that 3-column deal you worked out for your blog again. Haven't gotten around to it yet because it sort of overwhelmed me before.

Besides, if I'm going to reorganize, I need to start with my house. (sigh)

Unknown said...

sighing too...with Joy...same goal.