Sunday, November 27, 2005

Grey Cup Sunday

For those of you who don't know , the Grey Cup is the Canadian Football League's (CFL's) championship game. It's the equivalent of the Super Bowl for the NFL.

This year, the Grey Cup is being held right here in Vancouver, right now as I write this. It's a big deal. Parties, parades and various events have been going on all week. I've been following the CFL since the 60s. So why am I not watching now?

Well, for one thing, our home team, the BC Lions, imploded last weekend and lost in the western semi-final. Not that they lost badly - the score was 28 -23, I think. Their season record wasn't terrible. It's the fact that they started the season with 11 wins and 0 losses, then ended up losing the last 7 out 8 games. Talk about falling apart! Anyways, when the hope of our hometown Lions playing the final at home blew away with the prairie winds of Edmonton, my interest in the Grey Cup blew away, too.

Now, I suppose, if I were a diehard fan, I'd watch no matter what teams are playing. But, it's hard to cheer for the western team that just beat us last weekend and I'm sure not going to cheer for a Montreal team coached by Don Matthews (but that's another story)!

In actuality, I'll probably tune in to see what's going on in the fourth quarter. Until then I'll just pass my time reading, blogging, shampooing my hair . . . until a REAL game starts: The Canucks and NHL hockey - it should be right about when the Grey Cup ends.

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