Sunday, November 20, 2005

Battlestar Galactica Redux

Last night I started watching my son's DVD box set of Battlestar Galactica - Season One. He'd been bugging me to watch it ever since he got it and I always had some excuse or another. Since I didn't have much else to do and it was still a bit early to head to bed, I thought, why not. So I popped in the first disc. Big mistake.

Not that it was a mistake to watch it - a mistake to start watching so late in the evening. I was hooked. You see, like many people, I had seen the original series with Lorne Greene, Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch. It was a fun, popcorn spaceadventure series. Fun at the time, but not entirely memorable (to me, memorable would be the series "V").

I'd read good reviews of the new Battlestar and my son waxed poetic about it, so I was expecting better, but what it delivered far exceeded my expectations. It is superior to the original in almost every aspect - acting, writing, graphics, sound, storyline, everything. It also didn't hurt that the series is filmed around here and I recognized numerous landmarks. **I've since learned that the actress who plays Starbuck is a frequent customer where my son works.**

To make a long story short. I watched until the wee hours - having to put on headphones so as not to wake up dh (because you've got to hear all the great sound effects at proper volume) - and still have several discs to go and I can hardly wait.

Problem is I'm in a quandary today about what to do. There's a hockey game and football game I want to watch as well as a trip to the recycling depot and other mundane chores to do. Oh well, I guess it'll be another late night with Adama and the gang with my headphones.

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