Monday, November 21, 2005

I've been spending the last hour looking for bloggers that are within at least a decade of my own age. Why, you might ask.

Generally, I like the internet because there's a certain anonymity when it comes to age. You can learn a lot about people without the prejudice of age. I have absolutely no problems conversing with younger people and enjoy the vitality and enthusiasm, but sometimes it's good to hear from those with similar life experiences or who have gone through the same life passages.

It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I finally resorted to clicking on similar interests of things I thought might actually return some people close to my age. I went through favourite movies that I thought would appeal to an older demographic - no luck. I went through books the same way - no luck. I went through music and, voila, hit upon Gordon Lightfoot! (I also found a lot of Canadians, but that's okay.) I followed a few more links and lo and behold, people my age. One blogger was even kind enough to list a bunch of these folks as a 'sub-group' of links.

Now, I just need to work my way through and follow the links where they may lead. After only two days blogging, all I can think is, "Why didn't I think of doing this before?" It's so much easier than maintaining and updating a website.

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