Saturday, November 26, 2005

Myers-Briggs Typology: I'm an INFJ!

Further to examining the 'mother' issue in my previous post, I was steered to the Myers-Briggs typology test (click to open in new window). I was skeptical, at first, so took the test twice. Both returned the same results: INFJ

I proceeded to look up the meaning of the results and was stunned. Amazingly accurate!

For anyone interested, here are a few links that describe me frighteningly well:

INFJ Profile
Portrait of INFJ
Careers for INFJ

It's reassuring to know that, at least, I ended up in the right career path.

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Joy said...

Thanks for signing my guest map! I like your blog and plan to read more of it as you continue.

I am an ENFP and is called Champion Idealist. The Myers-Briggs is fairly accurate, I think.