Saturday, January 21, 2006

Conversations overheard - #1

The Scene: A busy airport departure gate:
The Characters:
Missy: 20 something female
Guy: 20 something male
Me: Sitting with back to Missy and Guy in next row of seats. Internal dialogue only.

Missy: . . . So I was telling him the name of the company I work for? Well, you know how they have these drug companies? And you know, they make drugs, so like after a few years, generic companies can make the drugs? Well, the company is called PMS, and I thought, oh my god, he thinks I have PMS. But I don't? It was so embarrassing.

Guy: (incoherent mumblings of a soothing nature)

(Me: Wondering why she makes almost every sentence into a question? It's something I've noticed with a lot of young people. They make statements sound like questions by using a weird upturn of inflection at the end of each sentence.)

Missy: So this whole thing about a few months ago? I stopped wearing make-up and wearing more comfortable clothes and stuff? It's so, like more natural?

Guy: You look good. You don't need a lot of make-up.

Missy: But I've put on so much weight?!

(Me: Talk about fishing for compliments!)

Guy: You look good. Honestly, if you were to ask Jim or Jen or me, you were too skinny before.

(Me: Like what else is he gonna say? "Honey, you're right. You look like a cow.")

Missy: But it's like I put on so much weight? All in a short time? Ever since I moved here. It's like at the same time?

Guy: Yeah, but you look good now. Really, if you ask anybody – you looked like a scarecrow before.

Missy: But I like that look. I looked like a model.

(Me: rolling eyes)

Guy: But you look healthy now. You know you feel better.

Missy: But isn't that what fat people say? To make themselves feel better? They just use it as an excuse to be fat?!

Loudspeaker: We're now boarding flight 1234. Would those passengers travelling with children or those needing assistance come to Gate AB. Please have your boarding passes and picture ID ready to show the gate agent, etc., etc.

Missy: Thank gawd! Like, we've been here forever. Aren't we already late?

Guy: (unintelligble mumble)

(Me: Please, please, please don't be sitting near me. I'm tempted to sneak a peak at their boarding passes.)

Next announcement for boarding: Wil those passengers seated in rows 20 to 28 please proceed to the Gate.

(Me: Me, that's me! Look around. They're not moving. Yes! I'm outta here. I have a momentary twinge of guilt as I realize poor Guy has a 3 hour flight ahead of him with Missy.)


Journey Through Life said...

Funny! People watching and overhearing conversations is so interesting. A journey into the lives of others. I enjoyed reading your experience.

jane said...

that's my favourite part of malls and airports. my sister and i have stopped trying to talk to each other when we are at a restaurant as we are too busy eavesdropping on everyone else.

Diana said...

Ugh, girls like that drive me crazy. Especially when they're old enough that they really shouldn't be girls anymore, anyway.

And the question thing, I think it's to make themselves appear harmless and nonthreatening. Little girl-like.


Seeking Clarity

Hay said...

You are doing it wrong. Instead of listening to people take advantage of the fact that people will listen to your conversation too. It's so much fun just talking complete crap when you know people are listening in.

Simply Coll said...

This is so funny. Airports are wonderful places to people watch. I too have noticed the questioning end to many statements made by the young poeple... just a phase I guess.

Joy said...

I learned to watch and listen to people from a young age because my mother and aunt did it. They'd make up stories about them and then so would I. I thought this was the way everyone acted until I got married and my husband kept telling me to stop staring. Our divorce was inevitable, I suppose.