Sunday, January 08, 2006

Early Sunday morning

This is the best part of my day. No one else is up, I've got a cup of coffee and a chance to get at the computer with no interruptions.

I started off by making my way through a few favourite blogs and - what has now become a habit when I have time - a hopscotch through other people's blogrolls. I came up with another six blogs that I've bookmarked, one that was pure, nasty crap and definitely won't return to, left a comment in another, and learned a new word (quotidian). Not a bad start to my day.

My little jaunt also got me thinking about the kinds of blogs I like and don't like:

I like blogs that seem heartfelt and sincere; make me laugh and don't take themselves too seriously; talk about something I'm also passionate about; make me think; give me a 'Yes - thumbs-up' response; are sharp with a satiric touch, and overall, make me feel like returning to find out more. It helps if they're well-written, but it's not a necessity. Good ideas are not only the purview of good writers.

The blogs I don't like are insistently angry, totally negative diatribes about everything and everybody, and angst-filled missives to those who 'done 'em wrong'. Nothing wrong with people having them and I'm sure they're therapeutic for those involved, but I don't care to read them. Now, throw in some humour and it might be a different story.

I also came upon a list of "Lost" factoids on FTS. I never watched Lost when it first aired, but my husband received a box set of season one for Christmas. Over the holidays, we watched the entire 24 episodes in a marathon of two days. You could say we got hooked. The same thing happened to me when I watched the Battlestar Galactica box set of season one. Once you start, you can't stop. It becomes addictive. The fact there are no commercial breaks makes it seem like you're watching an extended movie. I've come to the conclusion that it's the 'only' way to watch non-episodic TV shows. I get too impatient with the week-to-week cliffhangers. It's instant gratification for me, baby!

The rest of my day will probably be taken up with miscellaneous chores. We took down our Christmas tree yesterday and it needs to be taken for chipping today. Taking down the tree is always sad in our household. When the boys were young, they'd beg me to leave it up 'forever'. (If they'd had their way, we'd have had brown skeleton trees festooned with garlands, baubles falling off drooping skeleton branches, surrounded by a circle of sacrificial pine needles in the corner of our family room - right up until the next season of trees on sale in November.)

Later, if we have time, dh and I will take in a movie. We're thinking of either Syriana or Munich. I'd rather see Syriana. He'd rather see Munich. I have a feeling Munich will win out - but ya never know.


Walt Vegas said...

Don't do it, Ell! Syriana sucks!

BTW, we have the same taste in blogs.

Simply Coll said...

I am frequently amazed at the talented and thoughtful people that blog. Some of them are truly remarkable.