Sunday, January 29, 2006

Laughs of the Week

Things that made me laugh this weeK:

My biggest laugh came when I looked at my Site Meter stats. I noticed a large number of visits coming from Google searches of a particular word. You may remember my blog a few days ago, Ladies' Man. In it, I used the "p" word. Well, it seems some men - I assume it's men, but I might be wrong - have done Google searches for enhancers and enlargers of said body part. Imagine their dismay when all they found was an old nursing story. Oh well. (I'll continue to say 'p', as I don't want to disappoint any more men mistakenly stumbling upon my humble site.)

I kept envisioning the last scene in the movie, Boogie Nights, where Mark Wahlberg unzips his trousers and displays his rather freakishly large, um, appendage. Do men really think women like that?! I couldn't stop giggling about it for the rest of the day. -- Bless those Google spiders.

Next came this phrase I saw in a local paper: ". . . the fourteen year-olds were rolling their eyes as loud as they could". Anyone who has teenagers or has had anything to do with teens can relate.

And finally, this music video by former heartthrob, David Hasselhoff:
Hooked on a Feeling

Happy Sunday!

ps. I am easily amused.


Simply Coll said...

I must admit the David Hasselhoff video had me chuckling. :-)

jane said...

you should see some of the google searches i get on my blog due to some of my "interesting" photos. lol.