Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Online persona

I had an experience online today that started me thinking about my online persona. It's one of my "Hmmm?" moments.

I mentioned to someone in a PM that I occasionally lurk on a discussion board that he and some other online acquaintances frequent. The recipient of the message responded with, "I find that funny. (Big Grin) " . My response was, "why?" - - as in -- why did he find it funny? He hasn't replied yet, but I couldn't get it out of my head.

My initial reaction is that there's an obvious disconnect between his perception of me and the thought of me reading that site. He doesn't know me very well. One of the reasons I choose to lurk there, rather than participate is that, while I appreciate the humour and the personalities, I wouldn't be able to join in on the same level of banter. It's not me. (You may recall my earlier post about my lurking habits.)

BUT, it doesn't mean I don't like to check in from time to time to see what people are saying.

So . . ., I'm left wondering why he thinks it's so funny.

I wonder if he thinks I'm a prude. - - I'm not.

I wonder if he thinks I'm too old. - - I obviously don't think I am.

I wonder if he thinks I don't have a sense of humour. - - I do and it's a bit on the dark and twisted side.

I just wonder . . . and anxiously await his reply.


jane said...

ok i am so dying to know what the site is. c'mon!!!!!!!!

ell said...

I'd say, but Mother might not approve. ;-)

jane said...

i knew it!!!!!!!
and ignore him, he is ignorant to the ways of women. god love his pointed little head.

skinnedteen said...

you're dumb, jane.

Hay said...

I'll just add my agreement to what skinnedteen said.

Sometimes it's just hard to get out of the basement.

Anonymous said...

Ell, you couldn't be more right in stating that I don't know you. For all I know you could be a stripper or a prostitute. You could be a man for all I know. The possibilities are endless. I can only base my comments on the very limited exchanges we've had. Most of which were in the form of you being a moderater and me being a person who needed to be moderated. At least in the eyes of some folks. Your interest in "that" place was a nice little insight into Ell. I cool surprise. In the very short chain of knowledge I have about you it adds another link. I'm glad to know you lurk. I'd like to see you pop in and post too. I wonder how long you could be a member there before somebody outed you??????

And I don't have a pointed head jennjaneashleaspamzilla.

said Ed

jane said...

lol, i thought it was rk who laughed, not you. hmmm, aren't we all full of surprises.

st and hay, will you two stop fawning all over me, you're embarassing yourselves.

ell said...

Well, hello to y'all. Be nice!

Skinned teen, didn't know if you'd come by. Good to see you.

Ed, I don't think I'd really do very well there, but you never know. I don't remember me having to moderate you that much.? Btw, I'm not a stripper, man or prostitute. :D

You'll get a pretty good idea about what I'm about in my blogs and the links I have on the sidebar.