Saturday, January 28, 2006

Why Blog Redux

After my foray into the further reaches of blogland earlier today, it made me think about something my son said a while back. He was talking about the fact that he almost never reads print news anymore. He gets the bulk of his news and information off the internet. There are a vast array of news sources available from all over the world and he contends, and I agree, that it provides a much better balance and perspective of what's going on in the world than reading only local or national newspapers.

I think blogs provide something similar. They allow people from disparate lives to connect with one another. They also help connect people of similar interests who would never have met face to face. This seems to be an ongoing theme with me - the exploration of why I like blogging. At some point, I suppose, I'll stop talking about it, but not yet.

I would never find the same level of discussion and variety of perspective at my local coffee shop. Not that every blog or discussion is deep or scholarly, but they needn't be. Give me witty and insightful and I'm a happy camper. In a way, I think you find out more about people in blogs than you might in real life. The partial anonymity, somehow, allows people to be more open about how they really feel. Certainly
the longer I do it, the more I feel the interconnections between people

For now, that's all I need to remain.


Simply Coll said...

I agree with you completely. I feel connected to many in the blogging world. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to meet with them in person. Would my expectations equal the reality. Wound the dialogue continue.

Wenda said...