Saturday, January 12, 2008

Music on a Saturday

What I'm listening to on a rainy Saturday afternoon:

Raising Sand - by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

You can listen to the entire album on the official website (click on the above title).

This collaboration by former Led Zeppelin front man, Robert Plant, and bluegrass country fiddle player and singer Alison Krauss, on the surface, seems unusual, but it really works. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Always a good sign. I received this CD from one of my sons for Christmas.

J, knowing I'm too cheap to buy CDs for myself, is always trying to expand my music library. I have very eclectic tastes that cross pretty much all musical genres with the exception of rap (to me, rap is a form of spoken poetry, but that's an entirely different discussion). My opinion is that I won't know if I like or dislike something until I've actually heard it.

In the past couple of years, besides the Plant and Krauss, he's bought me Ryan Adams (Cold Roses); Neko Case (Fox Confessor Brings the Flood); and Sigur Ros (Hvarf Heim) CDs -- all artists I'd never have tried on my own.


Anonymous said...

Excellent!!!!! My music tastes cover a truly broad spectrum, too. I like this album you shared. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love my music (except rap) and own several hundred CDs covering everything from Patsy Cline to Muddy Waters to Pink. Haven't heard that one, gotta go and check it out

Anonymous said...

Someone gave me this, but I haven't listened to it yet. I will do that and see if once again I agree with you. I like them both, so I probably will.

Anonymous said...

The first time I listened to it, I thought it was interesting, but just okay. It wasn't until after the second time all the way through that it grew on me.