Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tree chipping time

Happy New Year!

I know. It's a little late, but every time I thought about posting something, stuff got in the way.

We had a warm family Christmas with all the important people in my life around. The turkey and trimmings were a hit; as was the Fruit In Snow dessert. I ate too much shortbread and chocolates, but it's all gone now < grin > and I can get back to a more normal eating pattern.

This morning, I watched the World Junior Hockey Championships on TV and saw Team Canada win the gold medal for the fourth year in a row. This afternoon, I've been procrastinating over putting away the decorations and taking down the tree. I'm always a bit reluctant to take the Christmas decorations down. It's a bit sad. I like my tree. I love the smell, the lights, the special ornaments gathered over the years, and all the memories it evokes. I've felt the same about every tree we've had over the years.

This year, my older son and his g.f. bought their first tree for their first apartment together. They have the same reluctance to take it down. They named it "Chuck" after Charlie Brown - probably not a good idea. Hard enough to send an anonymous tree to tree chipper heaven, let alone one that you're on a first name basis with.

When my sons were young, they'd always beg me to leave the tree up until the last possible moment. So, when was the last possible moment? -- Well, every year, on the first weekend after New Year's Day, a local charitable organization sets up a tree chipping machine in the community centre parking lot. For a donation, residents can take in their old Christmas trees and have them chipped and recycled. -- Therefore, the boy's definition of 'last possible moment' was always the last afternoon (Sunday) just before the tree chipper was turned off for yet another year.

That means I have the rest of this evening and tomorrow morning to take down the tree. I think I'll light a log in the fireplace, pour a glass of wine, turn on the tree lights, turn off the room lights, and enjoy this year's tree for one last time.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea. I think my decorations will come down tomorrow while I'm straightening up for the football game. I've been exhausted and borderline sick all weekend or all of this would be taken care of by now. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

This post reminded me of a tradition I heard about, but never incorporated.

One mom I know kept one present for each person (including herself) to open at their undecorating party. They had cocoa by the tree and sang "Oh Christmas Tree," and then drew assignments out of a hat for a speedy cleanup.

When it was done they each opened their last present!

Right now I wish I had someone to help me take it all down, for one thing, and an awesome surprise present that would totally make my day!

Anonymous said...

What a good idea. Relish the moment.

Anonymous said...

Kay, hope you feel better soon. I Don't know about your neck o' the woods, but around here, there's been a nasty bug making the rounds and almost everyone I know has had some version of it.

Marty, what a lovely idea. A nice present at the end of the "take down" would make my day, too. What I really like is the drawing of assignments for a speedy cleanup. Funny how everyone disappears when it's time to put things away!

bella, I do relish sitting with a warm fire and the room darkened except for the tree lights and flames from the fireplace.