Saturday, January 24, 2009

Over 35 years ago

I've been in the long, slow process of scanning old photos and came across this black & white of me on my wedding day.


It was taken by a cousin who was into photography at the time. That's my father in the background just prior to putting on my headpiece/veil thingy and before leaving the house for the ceremony.

I can't remember what I was thinking at the time. I know I wasn't scared. It's hard to tell from this photo.


Anonymous said...

i love the picture. it's a great portrait.

Anonymous said...

You looked lovely albeit just a tiny bit nervous -- no, not nervous -- apprehensive is a better word. Apprehensive is a common wedding day thing I think.
I'm going to be scanning old photos, too, soon.

Anonymous said...

How nice. but what does it make you feel NOW?
There are only a couple of us left in my generation and I havae been scanning old photos- even old tintypes to send along to someone...though I literally don't know anyone the next generation down. I send them along to my half brother who knows the next batch of young'uns. We are trying to find a new family historian to send all these boxes and albums to.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful photo. Evocative.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, good question. How does it make me feel now? It makes me feel a bit awestruck that the young woman in the photo became me. It makes me wish I could tell her a few things before she embarks on her journey. When I look at the picture, it doesn't feel like me at all.

Kay, I do look a bit apprehensive, don't I? Not sure that was it, though.

floreta and liliannattel, thank you. I like the candidness of the photo. My cousin took quite a few pictures that day, working almost counterpoint to the the posed pictures of our professional photographer. In many ways, I like the candid ones better.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photo! I love what you said here, "It makes me feel a bit awestruck that the young woman in the photo became me." That strikes a chord with many of us, I'm sure.